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Financial Policy

Our practice accepts all major credit cards, personal checks and money orders. For your convenience we participate with most major insurance companies and accept insurance as partial or full payment. We also offer convenient payment plans for insurance copayments as well as for patients opting for fee-for-service.

As our patient you are fully responsible for all fees we charge so please inform us as soon as possible should there be any change in or loss of your insurance coverage.

If you have any questions regarding your account with us, please get in touch by calling us at (212) 475-0051. Oftentimes a simple phone call can clear up any confusion and misunderstanding.

On your first consultation, please make sure to bring your insurance information with you. Our office provides all the necessary insurance claim forms and files for payments and pre-authorizations.

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American Association of Orthodontics
World Federation of Orthodontists
New York State Dental Association
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