Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatments have changed so much over the years. Braces are no longer as heavy, clunky or uncomfortable as they used to be. There are now newer and better solutions to correct the imperfect positioning of the teeth. But regardless of which treatment a patient chooses, the goal remains the same: to help each of our patients achieve a healthy and attractive smile.

Innovations in orthodontics like invisible braces, clear aligners and a wider range of color options for braces have changed people’s perceptions about these treatments. Kids are now more excited about getting braces and the introduction of computer software that can help patients’ see the possible outcomes of their treatments have made them more motivated to straighten their teeth.

Mothers were surveyed on behalf of the AAO and majority of them said the orthodontic choices and new technologies have made their kids’ experiences with the treatments more positive. 86% of the mothers also said that today’s braces are so much better than the ones that were available back when they themselves were still kids. The same survey also found that 81% of mothers said their children’s orthodontic experience was either positive or very positive.

Patient-friendly offices have also enhanced people’s experience when getting orthodontic treatments. There are reading materials and soothing music being placed in the orthodontist’s office to help patients feel at ease.
Moreover, 78% of those surveyed also believe that braces are one of the best investments a parent could ever provide their children.

If you think that you or your child could benefit from an orthodontic treatment, perhaps it’s about time you invest in your smile.

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